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Marketing solutions

Mailjet - Newsletters
Create and send newsletters directly from your back office
Google customer reviews
Install Google customer reviews software to reassure potential customers and persuade them to buy
Kelkoo Tracking
Track your sales and measure the performance of your Kelkoo campaigns
Google Translate
Offer the quick translation of your website into over 15 languages!
Connect your site to marketing automation solution Hubspot
Incorporate chat and relationship marketing solution iAdvize into your website
Incorporate real-time visitor tracking and online chat solution Sales IQ into your website
Connect your site to email marketing solution MailKitchen
Connect your site to Kwanko, your partner in performance marketing
AB Tasty
Connect your site to AB Tasty, the AI testing and customisation platform
Connect your site to AI software Antvoice to target new high-potential customers
Integrate chat and customer request management software Apizee into your site
Bing Ads
Easily follow the conversion of your Bing Ads campaigns
Zendesk Chat
Integrate online chat solution Zendesk as part of your website
Track your sales and measure the performance of your campaigns on Rakuten
Connect your site to software for monitoring fluxes of affiliated products on your partner sites
Connect your site to Effinity Container Tag to simplify and improve your retargeting management
Google Ads
Easily follow how your Google Ads campaigns are converting
Connect your site to an app that analyses website user behaviour
Connect your site to the free audience analysis and web statistics service
Criteo One Tag
Connect your site to Criteo to better track your visitors and make use of targeted advertising
Facebook Pixel
Connect your site and use targeted adverts for your visitors on Facebook
Confianza Online
Offer your customers the utmost dependability
Shopping Satisfaction
Harvest and showcase the customer reviews on your website
Lexing - Pack CGV
Comply with your legal requirements with the General Terms of Sale drawn up by Lexing
Translation Agency - Milega
Take advantage of the translation services offered by our partner Milega
Google Search Console
Connect your site to your Google Search Console account
Google Analytics / Tag Manager
Connect your site to Google’s website audience analysis tool