Add an intelligent search engine to offer the most relevant products
    • Choose the products you wish to highlight
    • Integrate your search engine quickly
    • Optimize the animation of your site by analyzing your statistics
  1. What's in it for you

    30% of visitors use the search bar to find a specific product on an e-commerce site and 50% of them will then make a purchase on the same site (source: Alficonception, 2018). Choose the intelligent search engine solution Doofinder to optimize visitor queries and increase your average shopping cart.

    Increase your sales quickly

    Increase your conversion rate by simplifying the search process. Doofinder records up to 3 times more conversions by conditioning the display of results by the popularity of the products in your catalog.

    Lower your bounce rate

    Divide by 2 the rate of exit of your site after search: tolerance to spelling mistakes and the creation of equivalence between different keywords allow the highlighting of products in adequacy with the searched terms. You recommend relevant products while maintaining the speed and performance of your e-Commerce site.

    Offer your visitors an optimal customer experience

    Doofinder provides you with a simple and effective functionality: a statistical analysis tool that allows you to improve your knowledge of your customers and to meet their needs. Customizing the display of the search bar on your site offers your visitors a smooth and pleasant navigation.

    About Doofinder

    Created in 2010, the intelligent search engine solution Doofinder collaborates with more than 1000 e-Commerce websites (E-Liquide-fr, Willemse France, Decocuir, ...). It is available in 30 languages.