Confianza Online

Offer your customers the utmost dependability
Confianza Online
    • Generate trust and win new customers with the Confianza Online trust mark
    • Benefit from the advantages offered by the only trust mark with all the official accreditation, as more than 2,700 websites in Spain have already done
    • Guarantee the quality, transparency and accountability of your website
    • Increase your conversion rate by more than 15%
  1. What's in it for you

    81% of consumers believe it is important for an online shop to display a trust mark, and 65% are already aware of this type of trust mark.
    By choosing Confianza Online you are joining the leader in online trust in Spain, and the only one with complete official accreditation.
    Confianza Online is the most widely used trust mark in Spain, and the first of its kind in Europe. It is a sign of businesses that are committed to the best online practices and which guarantee their customers the utmost transparency, security and reliability.

    Generate trust by guaranteeing maximum quality and protection

    The Confianza Online trust mark offers Internet users the utmost dependability. Its implementation will distinguish your business as transparent, reliable and committed to the best Internet practices.
    Internet users will have confidence in your business because of the trust mark on your website, and you will make it easy to buy from you, thereby gaining new customers.

    Optimise your website’s legal compliance

    Optimise your website by having the experts at Confianza Online check its legal compliance. An analysis of your website can identify the areas which could be optimised to assure your visitors of your dependability. In addition, Confianza Online will keep you up to date with Internet regulations affecting your business.

    Increase your conversion rates and improve your ranking

    The presence of the Confianza Online trust mark on your website can increase your conversions by more than 15% (source: MarketingSherpa) and enhance the organic search-engine ranking of your website.

    Facilitate complaint management

    Confianza Online handles and resolves customer complaints within the country quickly and efficiently through a centralised mediation system. This is free of charge for the user and represents a significant cost saving. Complaints are dealt with on average within 12 days, and more than 70% are resolved amicably.

    About Confianza Online

    Confianza Online is a non-profit organisation founded in 2003 by Autocontrol and Adigital in an effort to increase the public’s confidence when visiting websites and making purchases online. The Confianza Online trust mark guarantees that the business has undergone a 30-point assessment to demonstrate its ethical commitment to good Internet and e-commerce practices.